On Thursday, my partner in crime and I were back at it.  We didn’t get to do our trainer workout the week before due to scheduling conflicts.

I warmed up on the spin bike for 10 minutes before the workout.

Our workout:

2 sets of the following:

  • Band Lunges x length of gym twice
  • I/Y/T/A Raises 5lb x 10ea way
  • Bench Pushups x 1:00
  • Bus Drivers 45lb bar x 40total
  • Hip Drop Plank 2 x :30sec.
  • DB Single Arm Row 20lb x 20ea side
  • Cable Single Arm Triceps Kickback 20lb x 20ea side
  • Box Squats x 50
  • Cable Single Arm Shoulder Press 20lb x 15ea side
  • Cable Standing Side Bends 40lb x 15ea
  • Cable Good mornings 50lb x 25

This was the longest hour workout ever.   Individually, the exercises were all doable.  But, collectively, it was a very tough workout.

After our hour was up, I ended with 10 more minutes on the spin bike.

My workouts have been going pretty well.  I’m feeling strong!

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