On Wednesday, I met up with a friend in the pool for a swim.  Lyle updated the workout for me.  I made a couple of minor changes and swam 1/2 mile!  I haven’t swam that far in one session since college.  I am very happy.

Here’s the workout:


  • 4 lengths flutter kick with kickboard


  • 4 lengths timed front crawl  (It took me 3 minutes and 30 seconds)
  • 4 lengths front crawl
    • 2 without paddles, 2 with
  • 4 lengths breast stroke (It’s still a weak stroke, but it’s getting better)
  • 4 lengths lengths front crawl with buoy
  • 4 lengths front crawl
    • 2 with pool buoys
    • 2 with pool buoys and paddles
  • 4 lengths timed front crawl (It was also 3 minutes and 30 seconds.  I would have expected it to be slower than the first set.)


  • 4 lengths flutter kick
    • 2 front
    • 2 back
  • then I threw in an extra lap of flutter kick to round out the yards to 850

I’m going to keep my swim at 850 yards for a few weeks.  I am going to spend time on technique and speed.  I didn’t time this workout, but it was about 45 minutes.  I’d like to do this in 30 minutes.  I have no idea if that is even doable, but it’s a goal.

It’s been so nice to get back into the pool for more than water aerobics.  I didn’t realize how much I missed swimming laps.