I’m settling back into a routine after my long weekend away at Fit Bloggin’.  I’ll have some more details about the conference soon.

Meantime, I’m in rehabilitation for my knee.  My physical therapy started last Wednesday.  It continued today in the water.  The physical therapist on Wednesday suggested that I have therapy 2-3 times per week and that one time per week should be in the water.

Today was my first water therapy.  Even when I tore my ACL in 2004, I didn’t have water therapy.  So, today’s session was all new.  It started with warm water.  The therapy pool is very warm.  I didn’t ask what the temperature was, but I am guessing it was around 90 degrees.

After I got used to it, the heat felt good.  I did find myself wishing I had brought water with me to my session.  I worked with a physical therapy assistant named Jessica.  It was interesting.  During much of my session there was three of us.  Jessica sat in a chair by a computer and kept track of our exercises and timed us as needed.

The pool was divided into 3 sections.  There was a 3 foot, 5 foot and 7 foot deep section.  My exercises included things like walking back and forth, walking backwards, walking sidewards, squats (which are much easier in water since you don’t actually move all of your weight), knee kicks, etc.  Most of the exercises probably have names, but I don’t have a cheat sheet.  My session ended with a few exercises in the deep end with a floatation belt.  This part included things like bicycling.

I liked the therapy and hope to be able to practice these exercises in the JCC pool this week.

Next up: a few minutes on the Nu Step and a segment in the pool in the morning.

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