Whenever we decorated the tree or opened presents growing up, we listened to Alabama Christmas.  Specially, we liked the song “Thistlehair the Christmas Bear”.  Even today, we always play this at our family’s holiday gathering.  So, we played it this week as we set up our tree.

It really was a week long project.  One night Stephen made room and rearranged the entertainment center gate.


Another day, he put the tree together.  Another day, he put colored lights on the tree.  One night was spent debugging them.  We ended up with the white lights this year.


The kids are super excited!


Finally, they got to help decorate.


I handed them ornaments and untangled hooks.  Their hanging job was pretty good.


Here’s the finished product.  My grandmother made the angel for the top.  My mom always hung red bows on our tree growing up.


We’re excited for the holidays this year.  Our calendar is filled with fun events and we’ll be keeping busy.

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