Usually, my trainer workout is on Thursday, but due to scheduling conflicts, we moved it to Monday this week.  I cringed almost immediately when Jen said that we were heading to the gym.

I really hate the gym workouts.  They are outside of my comfort zone and they are extremely difficult for me.  I guess that means that I need more practice.

It probably didn’t help that I was tired and had taken my typical Monday morning spin class earlier.

I tried not be grumpy as we did this workout-

2 sets of the following:

  • Side Shuffles 1/2 court x 2
  • Tennis Ball Shuttle Run 5 balls x 2
  • Wall sit 2 x :30sec
  • Overhead Walking Lunge 18lb bar x 1/2 court x 2
  • Multi-Directional Reaction 3 x :30sec w/ :15sec rest
  • Curl + Press 18lb x 30
  • Bicycles 2 x :30sec w/ :15sec rest

1 set of:

  • Pushup Walk 1/4 court

I’m not much of a jumper or runner so anything involving running and shuffling isn’t so fun.

The pushup walk was impossible.  I tried and fell at least 3 times.  I only made it a few feet.  Remember when you were little and used to bear walk for fun?  Imagine that from a traditional push up position.  Fun right?

I must admit that I left this workout a little defeated.  But, I’ll be right back at it next week.

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