Today, I had my scheduled trainer workout with Chelsea.

First, I did a warm up on the elliptical.  My warm ups have become a bit relaxed and today, I decided to change that.  I did 15 minutes and really made sure my heart rate was above 140 most of the time.  It felt great.  I was really sweaty before my workout with Chelsea and already needed to refill my water bottle.  I need to remember to make all of my exercise minutes count!

I’ll update with my exact trainer workout once I have my copy of it.  It included chest press, abdominal machine, push ups, back extension etc.  I worked hard.  I even did a couple of mediocre triceps dips.

Chelsea is also going to start weighing me each week.  Since I am not going to Weight Watcher meetings and don’t own a scale, this will be a good way to chart my progress.  To be honest, I don’t even remember what today’s weight was, but I’ll have it in writing soon.

Next up: cardio in the zone tomorrow morning.

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