A couple of weeks ago, I posted about my first pool workout.  Last week, I completed a second pool workout.  This workout consisted of the first workout with an additional 100 yards.  Before the cool down, we added 4 lengths of the front crawl.

Since Tuesday had worked out better that week, I swam the 600 yards including warm up and cool down before my usual water aerobics class.  I was so exhausted when I was done.  I spent a total of an hour and a half in the pool and worked the entire time.  I even finished a whole water bottle.  I was starting to think the water aerobics class was getting too easy, so a few weeks back, I switched to the heavier weights.  Now, I know the secret to making the class hard is to do a pool workout of laps first.  After that workout, my shoulders were pretty tired and maybe even a bit sore.  But, I really felt great.

On Tuesday this week, I planned to do it again.  I got in the pool a bit before 9AM and started my swim workout.  This time, we added another 100 yards – 2 lengths of crawl with only the right arm and 2 lengths of crawl with only the left arm.  This is suppose to help with stamina and breathing.  It was hard, but also doable.  After the 700 yards, I did the water aerobics class.  I was exhausted on Tuesday, but I felt great.

I have a friend who wants to swim 2 miles next Wednesday.  I don’t think I’m up for that quite yet, but I’m definitely planning to keep up with pool workouts in addition to the water aerobics class.  It feels good to get in the water on a regular basis.

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Today was the last pick up for the Fresh Fork CSA winter subscription.  Now, we have to wait until the week of June 4th for the summer season to begin.  Meanwhile, this week’s pick up is definitely pizza themed.

Here’s what we were expecting to receive this week:

  • 1 8 oz. package smoked gouda
  • 2 frozen pizza dough balls
  • 1 lb. Italian sausage
  • 1 lb. ground turkey or chicken
  • 2 lbs. rolled oats
  • 1 pint pizza sauce
  • 1 package veggie burgers (2 burgers)
  • 1 bunch ramps
  • 1 veg (will likely include kale, chard, spinach, lettuce, and other spring greens)

Here’s a group shot:


I’m hoping to use the ramps and spinach on pizza this week.


We’ve never received ground duck before.  We had our choice of duck or chicken.  I’ve had ground chicken before, so duck was the easy choice.  I’m not sure what I’ll do with it, but I am thinking about making wantons and using it in some kind of filling.  The Italian sausage will go well on the pizzas.


I’m excited to try Clark’s sauce.  I’ll be using it on pizza with this dough.


I’ve never had the Luna veggie burgers before, but they look delicious.  For now, they are in my freezer.  I’ll use Gouda on our pizza too.


Stephen and I eat oats for breakfast most mornings.  These will be gone in no time.


With a few weeks until our next pick up, we stocked up on yogurt.  We were also out of eggs, so I picked up a dozen of them as well.


It’s been a really fun winter season.  I can’t wait for summer to start.


Usually, my trainer workout is on Thursday, but due to scheduling conflicts, we moved it to Monday this week.  I cringed almost immediately when Jen said that we were heading to the gym.

I really hate the gym workouts.  They are outside of my comfort zone and they are extremely difficult for me.  I guess that means that I need more practice.

It probably didn’t help that I was tired and had taken my typical Monday morning spin class earlier.

I tried not be grumpy as we did this workout-

2 sets of the following:

  • Side Shuffles 1/2 court x 2
  • Tennis Ball Shuttle Run 5 balls x 2
  • Wall sit 2 x :30sec
  • Overhead Walking Lunge 18lb bar x 1/2 court x 2
  • Multi-Directional Reaction 3 x :30sec w/ :15sec rest
  • Curl + Press 18lb x 30
  • Bicycles 2 x :30sec w/ :15sec rest

1 set of:

  • Pushup Walk 1/4 court

I’m not much of a jumper or runner so anything involving running and shuffling isn’t so fun.

The pushup walk was impossible.  I tried and fell at least 3 times.  I only made it a few feet.  Remember when you were little and used to bear walk for fun?  Imagine that from a traditional push up position.  Fun right?

I must admit that I left this workout a little defeated.  But, I’ll be right back at it next week.

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On Saturday, the family headed down to the World Cultural Festival at the Cleveland Museum of Natural History.  We always try to arrive right at 10AM (or opening time) when we go to events like this.  We were running a bit behind, but we were inside and checked in by 10:15AM.

We’ve been to events like this at the museum before.  They are always well done.

We started out in the photo booth.  Then, volunteers helped get the passports started.  We stopped at some of the booths like this Mexican one (where the kids signed up to hit the piñata).


There was an animal encounter with a opossum.   Nick and Sally made masks.


They made twirling puppets.  These volunteers were so patient with the kids.


They also tried their hand at origami.


Nick picked out Medusa and Sally picked out a lady bug for their face painting.  They both sat so still.


They both took a shot at breaking open the piñata.


After the pinata finally was broke open, we let them each grab three pieces of candy.  It was almost 11:30AM and time for entertainment in the auditorium.  We enjoyed a drumming group and a couple of dancing group.  Then, it was time to head home.  But, Nick was determined to get all 10 stamps in his passport and Stephen helped him accomplish that while I grabbed a snack.  By 12:20AM, we were on the road back home.

It was a great event.  When our kids are older and nap time isn’t such a big deal, it will be even more fun to go to things like this.


On Thursday, my partner in crime and I were back at it.  We didn’t get to do our trainer workout the week before due to scheduling conflicts.

I warmed up on the spin bike for 10 minutes before the workout.

Our workout:

2 sets of the following:

  • Band Lunges x length of gym twice
  • I/Y/T/A Raises 5lb x 10ea way
  • Bench Pushups x 1:00
  • Bus Drivers 45lb bar x 40total
  • Hip Drop Plank 2 x :30sec.
  • DB Single Arm Row 20lb x 20ea side
  • Cable Single Arm Triceps Kickback 20lb x 20ea side
  • Box Squats x 50
  • Cable Single Arm Shoulder Press 20lb x 15ea side
  • Cable Standing Side Bends 40lb x 15ea
  • Cable Good mornings 50lb x 25

This was the longest hour workout ever.   Individually, the exercises were all doable.  But, collectively, it was a very tough workout.

After our hour was up, I ended with 10 more minutes on the spin bike.

My workouts have been going pretty well.  I’m feeling strong!

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Wednesday evening, Stephen and I had the opportunity to attend the Cleveland screening of The Weight of the Nation, a HBO documentary that will air May 14th and 15th.

It was held at the Great Lakes Science Center.  Stephen walked over from work and we met up outside of the entrance.


The documentary is all about the obesity epidemic.  There were posted and facts posted around the reception and theatre.


The amazing food was catered by Chef Rocco Whalen’s Fahrenheit restaurant.  It was so nicely done.  We got to sample shrimp tacos, chicken tacos, pork and sweet potato, hummus and vegetables and more.



The reception was on the lower level.  I took the escalator up to get an overview photo.


I didn’t get a chance to try the smoothies, but I was glad to see a couple of Vitamix blenders.


After the showing of one part of the documentary, there was a panel discussion.  One of the panel members was detained at Reagan National and arrived during the discussion.


We were all given bags upon exiting the theatre.  It’s an insulated bag with a water bottle, pedometer and other information.  Stephen and I took the long way to our car to let the traffic die down and get in a few extra steps.


I learned quite a bit about poverty and how it impacts obesity.  I’m looking forward to seeing the remainder of the documentary.  It is very well done.

HBO has asked the cable companies to make the documentary available to all subscribers.  I’m hoping that all works out and we’ll be able to watch it.  It airs at 8PM on May 14th and 15th.

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Our friends are still visiting from Italy.  We’re so glad they were able to come for 5 weeks this year.  On Wednesday, they met us at Lake Farmpark.

Nick and Sally hung out at the solar tracker while we waited for everyone to gather.  The first stop was a wagon ride.


We rode down to see the animals.  There were still some babies.  But many of them are already growing up.


It was fun to see the girls getting along. Jeanne posed for a photo with the little one.  For the first time, I visited the stables.  I’m not sure why I didn’t realize they were there sooner.  We watched this horse get a bath.  He wasn’t thrilled.


Outside we stopped to look at more animals before heading up to the main building.  We were a few minutes early for the cow milking, so we stopped in the playroom.


The old kids climbed up the bleachers and waited for the milking.  Nick tried it, but the other two weren’t interested.


Little kids that walk together holding hands always makes me smile.  Regardless of exhibits, Nick and Sally are most happy with dirt.


The little one has the most beautiful eyes.


It was fun to spend the day with our friends.  We ended our outing with dinner at Red Robin.  All in all, it was a successful day.


I spent most of last weekend at the Fabulous Food Show.  I had been to the fall show before.  The fall show has been going on for several years.  This was the first year for the spring show.  Compared to the fall show, I think the crowds were sparse and so was the number of vendors.  Don’t get me wrong, there was still some people at the show, but no matter where I wanted to go look around, I never had to wait in any lines.  In the fall, there were tons of lines and wall to wall people.

I will say that my experience this time was a bit different since I entered at the Exhibitor Entrance.


I was working at the Fresh Fork CSA booth.  I’m so in love with local eats.  It was a pleasure learning more about the CSA and talking to attendees about the program.  I’m still amazed at how many people have no idea what a CSA is.  I also met several existing customers and some folks who just signed up and are anxiously awaiting the season to start.  I think the booth looked great!


Stephen had our camera on Saturday while he took the kids to the Great Lakes Science Center.  So, all of these photos are from Sunday.

Crystal from Eat, Drink Cleveland stopped by to say hi.  She’s a fellow blogger, friend and Fresh Fork customer.


On Sunday, I took a break do see Brian Goodman from Green House Tavern at the Farmer’s Market stage.  He was quite entertaining.  He grilled some veggie pizza with onion, ramps and asparagus.  It was quite tasty.


I must say that my favorite booth was the Vitamix booth.  Terri was great at her demos.  I had been wanting to purchase one for quite some time.  After discussions with Stephen Saturday evening, I was ready to purchase on Sunday.


I actually had several purchases throughout the weekend.  I bought a Grill’d Per’fect! Indoor Smokeless Grill.  I loved the demo and thought the price was reasonable.  I haven’t opened it up yet, but I’m excited to try it soon.


I have used the Vitamix 5 times already.   Maybe I’ll try to grill something this weekend.

It was interesting to see the show from an exhibitor point of view.  I was amazed at how far people travel to come to the Food Show.  I think the Food Network is great at marketing their stars.  Many people came from more than 2 hours away to see Bobby Flay or Emeril Lagasse.

I’d probably go to the fall show again, but I think the spring show will need some work to persuade me to attend again.


April 20 – Flat Stanely went to see the Green Dream at Beachwood Community Center.  First, he stopped by the welcome table for a photo.  He enjoyed a smoothie sample at one of the booths.


He shared an orange creamsicle cupcake from The Mobile Cupcakery.  He stopped by the Junion Achievement booth.  They gave him a nice clear bag with handles.


He spun the wheel at the Chick-fil-A booth.  He won a free chicken sandwich.


April 21 – He went to a Caring Cubs event at Whole Foods.  He learned about eating the colors of the rainbow.  He also played a matching game about the food groups.


He really liked the cheese station. He got to make his very own cheese person out of pretzels and cheese.


He painted flowers using celery to make designs.  He finished up learning about healthy plates and then drew his own.


April 22 – He went to Earth Fest at the Cleveland Zoo to celebrate Earth Day.  He really liked dancing to the accordion music.  He stopped by the Cuyahoga Valley Scenic Railroad booth and found out about their bike and ride options.


He loved the model of the rocket ship at the NASA booth.  It was cold and dreary, but Nick and Sally still had fun taking him climbing rocks.


He especially liked trying a green smoothie at the Vitamix booth.  He bought me a Vitamix before he left town.


May 2 – With all of the photos printed and put into a book, it was time to pack Flat Stanley in his travel box.


We dropped him off at the post office.  He should be visiting my nephew’s classroom by Friday or Monday.


We had a great time having Flat Stanley visit.  It was kind of like being on vacation.  So, now we’re getting back to reality.

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If you missed part 1, you can read it here.

April 18 – Flat Stanley visited the Mayfield Heights library.  He hung out in the display shelf with some friends.  He was super excited to find a book all about himself.  He checked it out to share with Nick and Sally.


After the library visit, he went to Heinen’s.  He picked out more delicious fruit.  He really liked riding in the shopping carts.


He also stocked up on carrots and broccoli.


Later that day, he went to the Cleveland Museum of Natural History.  He was excited to meet Miss Amanda.  He ate dinner with us in the break room and played with Sally.


He enjoyed the archeological dig display in the Smead Discovery room.  He decided it would be fun to get buried.


April 19 – He went back to the JCC for a kettlebell workout and he did a strength training workout with Jen the trainer.


After nap time, he returned to the JCC for his swim lesson.  His favorite skill was the back float.  He also loved testing out his plastic bag swim suit.


He was cold when he got out of the water and was happy to wrap up in a dry towel.


After dinner, he headed to Sprit of Clay for some glass work.  He made a great glass bead pattern to have fired into a dish.


He checked out the display of utensils and thought about signing up for a class, but it wasn’t going to be offered while he was going to be in town.


Stay tuned for part 3 tomorrow.

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