Today, I had my trainer workout with Chelsea.

I warmed up for 20 min (265 cal) on the elliptical.  My workout started with our standard lunges with press holding 10 pound dumbbells.  I still hate them, but I am getting better at them.  I usually go one length with the press and the other just holding the weights.  My arms get tired.

Then, we did a circuit of row, push ups (on smith bar), single tricep left, single tricep right, biceps, repeat.

We ended with some leg extensions, squats, wood chops and abdominal work.

It was a great workout.

Next up: cardio on the elliptical in the morning.  Goal is 750 calories.

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  1. What is it with trainers and lunges. I don’t work out with my trainer anymore. But anytime he pointed down the length of the gym it meant “Start lunging and you better not stop until I say so”

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