Today, was day off from the gym.  I plan to do a solo strength training workout in the morning.  I’m going to plan out my workout before I go and see how much I’ve learned from the trainers.

I got lots of finger exercise typing at the computer today.  We like to keep our finances in Quicken and I had many receipts to enter and statements to balance.  Hubby took care of the kids much of the day and I took care of the paper.  :-)

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Mar 052011
1/2c oatmeal w/1c milk, 1 apple (local CSA), cinnamon, 1pk Equal, 1T cashew butter=9
trail mix=6
Afternoon Snack
cinnamon cereal w/milk=4
Hoggy's Barn and Grille:
pulled pork=6
mac and cheese=3
baked beans=4
corn muffins=8
sweet tea=6
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