I decided to try Robert Ullrey’s podcasts  for my C25K training.  He has mp3 files you can put on your iPod and he tells you when to walk and when to run, which I found much easier than trying to time myself.  Each recording is designed to be done 3 times.  Today, I did about 1/2 of the first one before it was time to meet with my trainer.

As luck would have it, Chelsea in addition to being a great trainer, is also a runner.  She runs quite a bit and is very knowledgeable.  After I told her that I was considering the 5K in May, we headed to the track for most of my workout.

We did lunges w/shoulder press and biceps curl using 10lb dumbbells across the fitness center and back.  Then she had me carry a BOSU over my head to the track.  The track is down the hall and upstairs from the fitness center.  I didn’t make it the whole way, but it was a gallant effort.  They are actually pretty heavy when you try to hold it high while you walk down the hall.

We alternated running (think very slow jog) laps with some exercises near the track.  We did presses with the BOSU, plank on the BOSU, plank on the BOSU (flat side up)  while bringing a leg up off the ground, push ups on the BOSU, wood chops, etc.  Between the exercises and the jogging, I was tired and very sweaty at the end of my workout.

Chelsea timed a couple of my laps and figured I’m at at 17 min mile.  So, it will probably take me about 50-55 min to complete the 5K.  I’m not expected to pick up much pace between now and May.  She really wanted me to see where I was and I appreciate that.  I hate the idea of being last or running without others around.  My friend Erin has offered to run the 5K with me and that’s so sweet of her.  I’m checking to make sure that’s OK with the Fit Bloggin’ crew.

Chelsea also asked how my other workouts were going.  We talked about spinning.  I was taking a spin class 2-3 times per week.  Lately, it hasn’t worked out with my schedule.  Monday is always spinning.  My best chance at a second class is Wednesday.  Last week, I chose to do a eSpinner workout because the timing was better.  The week before, I did a regular cardio class.  But, the bottom line is that I get a better workout when I take the spinning class.  I estimate that my cardio class or eSpinner workouts are about 80% of what I get in a spinning class.  The key is intensity.  I really need 4-5 higher intensity cardio workouts.

With the addition of the C25K, I really need to make sure that I stretch, listen to my body and get one solid rest day plus one “easier” workout day per week.  I need to spend some time evaluating my workout schedule.

Next up: atypical Wednesday off from the J.  I’m scheduled to see a trama simulation and tour a life flight helicopter.

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1/2c oatmeal w/3/4c milk, apple, cinnamon, 1T peanut butter=9
Morning Snack
Luna bar (chocolate chunk)=5
piece of roll=1
Afternoon Snack
1oz cheese while making dinner=3
chicken thigh, without skin, corn meal crust=5
sweet potato fries=8
Late Snack
banana, date, 1T peanut butter=3
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