Happy St Patrick’s Day!  I hope you all wore something green for the occasion.

Today was a busy day for the kids and I.  We started out at the License Bureau.  I hate going to the license bureau because I always seem to be missing one piece of paper that is needed to complete the transaction.  Today, I was over prepared and everything was smooth.  I ordered my amateur radio license plates and renewed my driver’s license.

The Weight Watcher meeting is in the same plaza, so we headed there after taking care of our license business.  We didn’t go to WW last week.  The staff started reserving the seats in the back corner for the kids and I.  It’s really our only option for seating at the new location.  It’s just hard to expect two toddlers to sit still for 45 min under any circumstances.  Today, Sally figured out the she can run from the seats to the door and back.  It was not fun for me since I was the “chaser”.  I’m not sure how long I will be able to attend the meeting since I can’t have them being disruptive week after week.

I gained 3.8 pounds.  I’m still playing with the same 10 or so pounds.  I really need to take the time to recommit and focus.  Lately, I’ve been eating more junk, estimating points more, and measuring less.  This is not a good combination.

So, for this week, I am going to concentrate on WATER, MEASURING, and JUNK.  I’m going to drink water, herbal tea and milk (without chocolate syrup).  I’m going to measure everything I eat.  I’m not going to eat junk.  Junk lately has been things like jelly beans, ice cream, crackers and other nibbles from things the kids have, etc.  I just need one great week so I can turn that into 2 and so on.  Weight Watchers allows for treats, but I need a break from them.  My husband will also be out of town.  So, I need to do some extra planning on the food front so that the kids and I don’t end up eating at McDonald’s or similar venue unexpectedly.

As for activity, the kids and I walked to the park, played and walked back.  The park is about 3 tenths of a mile away.  I also vacuumed the car.  It was nice to clean out all of the cereal, goldfish and other snack items from the car seats and surrounding areas.

Next up: trainer appointment with Emily in the morning.

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Mar 172011

This will be a day of no point recordings.  I didn’t measure and it would be hard to guess.  To continue with my transparency, I will list the stuff that I ate.  It was not the best of days.

oatmeal w/milk, sunflower butter, apple, cinnamon, pumpkin spice granola
Whole Foods Market:
shared chips with the kids
shared a piece of pizza
shared a mini tart
can of cherry soda
small piece of Swiss cheese
Afternoon Snack
mini tart
sauce w/shrooms
green beans
Late Snack
jelly beans
peanut butter egg
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