Today was an off day for exercise.  I did take a well needed nap for over 3 hours.  It felt great!

I’d like to take a minute to talk about the FitBloggin’ Conference.  This conference is coming up in May and will be held in Baltimore.  Basically, it’s a 2 day conference for men and women with blogs about being or becoming healthy.  I first found the website when I was getting ready to start my blog in January.  I was looking for other fitness type blogs so I could gather up some ideas about format and topics.  I came across this list in one of my searches.  It was on this list that I first met Kath Younger, Roni Noone (organizer), and other fit/food bloggers that I now follow daily.

Here are the main reasons that I want to attend the conference:

1) Meet Kath Younger and other bloggers that I follow

2) Network with new fitness and food bloggers – meet new friends

3) Learn about blogging

3) Stop and visit my sister who lives near BWI

4) Stop and visit my friend Erin who writes Anything You Lose, I Can Lose Better.

5) See the Inner Harbor

6) Spend a couple of days without the kids

7) Relax and rejuvenate

Originally, I didn’t think that I would try to go to this conference since my blog is so new, but they are having a ticket giveaway.  My entry to the giveaway is this blog post to help with the promotion of the conference.  :-)  They are giving away 5 tickets, so the odds are reasonable.
Next exercise: cardio workout and plank practice at the JCC in the morning.

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Mar 122011

Today wasn’t bad until we went to Red Robin.

1/2c oatmeal w/1c milk, 1 apple, cinnamon, granola, pumpkin, peanut butter=12
chicken sausage=6
salad w/peppers, blue cheese, croutons=6
Afternoon Snack
Z Bar=4
milk w/chocolate sauce=3
Red Robin (points heavily estimated)
chicken wrap=16
root beer float=20
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