Today’s workout was hard.  I didn’t feel bad and I wasn’t tired, but every exercise was hard.  I guess some days are just like that.

I had a trainer workout with Chelsea.  I’ve really been enjoying these workouts.  She’s good at pushing me.  I’m usually sore a day or two after, but not crippled.  Tonight I am stiff, but I think it’s from carrying my son too much today.

Today’s workout:

10min warm up on the elliptical


  • Plank: 31 and 15 sec – at the end.  I’m going to do them first next time to see if I can improve my 30 something time
  • Lat Pull: 80 lbs (wide and narrow grips alternating with row, 2 sets)
  • Cable Row: 70 lbs (2 sets rotating with above)
  • Pec Fly: 80 lbs (2 sets)
  • Rear Delt: 60 lbs (2 sets)
  • Abs: 120-125 lbs (3 sets)
  • Lunge w/ 15 lb DB’s (down the floor and back)
  • Squat,Curl, and Press with 10 lb DB’s (one set of 10)
  • Back Ext: no weight and with 10 lb weight plate (20 of each)
  • Squat press with 10 lb plate (not sure the name – but it kept me busy waiting for my next set of back extensions)
  • Leg Extension: single leg – 20 lbs (10 reps on each leg)

I did an additional 15 min on the elliptical after my 30 min with her.

Next up: Probably spinning with Lori tomorrow.  I’m in a lazy mood and a class will guarantee me a solid cardio workout.

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1/2c oatmeal, 1c milk, 1 apple, 1T peanut butter, cinnamon=9
Morning Snack
Donut - the fat Tuesday kind that I can't spell and don't even like :-(=8
chicken pot pie=10
Afternoon Snack
chop block pizza=16
Sobe water=4
Late Snack
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