The kids and I were running ahead of schedule today.  I expected us to be running late this week with the time change.  In reality, they are sleeping a bit later and I’m able to get packed up without the extra commotion.

We made it to the J in time for me to try out the 8:30am cardio class with Jody.  I know of Jody from another class I tried a few months back.  It was a sculpting class and too much time was spent on the knees for my ability.  I wasn’t sure what to expect from her cardio class.  She was awesome!  I would definitely take her class again.  It’s been a while since I took a cardio class (outside of spinning).  I need to work back up to it.

I decided to stay for 30min.  Then, I went to the fitness center where I practiced planks, side bends and did 40 squats with the stability ball.  At 9:30am, I went back to the group fitness studio and tried out the new Zumba instructor Susan S.  She was pretty good.  I would take her class again.  Zumba is fun.  It’s supposed to be a party atmosphere and the cues are not as pronounced.  It’s easy to get lost until you get used to the moves/instructor.

Since I have child care for 2 hours, I stayed in the Zumba class for 30min and then headed for a shower.

It was nice running into my friend Cristy today.  We’ve been friends since our kids were born and don’t see each other nearly enough.  I didn’t see her after the class, but I’m anxious to hear if she liked it.

My IT guy fixed my blogs, so hopefully everything will run smoothly for a while.

Next up: off day tomorrow and my Weight Watcher meeting (missed last week).

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1/2c oatmeal w/1c milk, 1 apple, cinnamon, sunflower butter (out of granola) =9
Morning Snack
Afternoon Snack
ice cream=8
flatbread, sweet onion chicken, w/cheese and lots of lettuce, spinach=14
Late Snack
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My about page was originally added in January.  I’m having some database problems with my extra pages, so I am moving this content into a post so that it will be accessible to new readers by looking at the category options.  I’ve also made a couple of updates.


Hi, I’m Lyn.  I’m a thirty something (for a few more weeks) year old stay at home mom.  I have a 3 year old son and a 15 month old daughter.  I am overweight and am working hard to be more healthy and fit.  At this point in my journey, I have over 100 pounds to lose.  I am a Weight Watcher member and believe in moderation and variety in what I eat.

I live in North East Ohio with my husband and kids.  My son is almost 3 and my daughter is 1. I want to raise them to eat well balanced meals, be active and enjoy the parks and museums that the area has to offer.

This blog will talk about my food log, workouts, recipes, favorite eats, eating locally and other interests as the need arises.  I’m starting the blog with food/workouts and will add other topics as I get my feet wet.  I’d like to get a consistent base with regular posts established first.

Hopefully, I will be more accountable by sharing.  If I can help a few people out along the way, that would be great too.

I hope you enjoy Life Lyn Style.


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