So, I’ve been raising the intensity on the elliptical machine.  Today, I spent more than 50% of my time at or above 11.  Before, I usually spent all of my time at 10 or below.  It feels good to raise the bar.  I’m looking forward to most of my time at 15 or above and coming down to 10 for active recovery.

Today: 45 min on the elliptical.

Next up: Monday morning spin with Beth.

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Mar 132011

Today started out well with breakfast and lunch… the cookies were rather unplanned and truth be told, I have no idea how many I had.  :-(

Dinner out was not 100% planned, but my salad was scrumptious.

Morning Snack
1/2c oatmeal w/1c milk, 1 apple, sunflower butter, granola, cinnamon=9
Pasta w/ peppers, onions, sausage, cheese, sauce=9
Afternoon Snack
Firestone chicken salad=20
sauerkraut balls=9
Late Snack
jelly beans=6
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