The JCC, J, Jewish Community Center, and The Mandel Jewish Community Center are all names for the same place in Beachwood where I go to workout.  All are welcome at the J.  You don’t have to be Jewish to be a member.  But, since it’s a Jewish facility, certain things are different.

  • They have woman’s only workout room and several gender specific swim sessions to help accommodate the Orthodox Jewish members.
  • The only Kosher Subway restaurant resides in the J.
  • They sell Challah bread on Friday.
  • They do not conduct any financial transactions on Saturday (and the Subway and Kid Kare is closed that day).
  • They celebrate the Jewish holidays, but don’t close for as many as they used to (probably due to the competition).
  • They are open on Christmas.

But, the thing that I notice the most is the crowd on Sunday (due to the religious schedule for the Jewish faith).  It’s like a typical Saturday at other facilities.  Sunday is my least favorite day to go to the J (especially in the morning).  It’s the only time that I go to the J that I feel like I am waiting for equipment or that the different areas are crowded.

Sunday is also the one day that I can take the kids while I work out and my husband is at home.  He enjoys the couple of hours at home without us around and that makes it worth the trip (most of the time :-)).

Today’s workout:

  • 30 minutes of high intensity elliptical
  • 5 min in the sauna
  • short bike ride around the neighborhood later in the day (@2 miles).

Next up: SPIN with Beth in the morning.

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Mar 202011
1/2c oatmeal made w/3/4c milk, 1 apple, cinnamon, 1T of peanut butter=9
2 poached eggs=4
1 piece of Naan=6
salad w/blue cheese, red pepper, 1T raspberry vinaigrette=4
Afternoon Snack
3 dates w/1t peanut butter each=3
yogurt parfait=3
chicken breast=4
green beans
cream corn=4
Late Snack
1 apple chopped w/2T oats, 1/2c milk, 2t peanut butter, cinnamon and nutmeg=4
drank the other 1/2c milk=1
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