Today, I tried the eSpinner for the second time.  I really like it!  You can read about my first experience here.  I used my own music from my Ipod instead of listening to the coach.  It was really easy to stay motivated to my own play list.  I’ve been really paying attention to my cadence since I’m going to train for a century (hopefully on our Rans Screamer) with my husband for this September.  He likes to spin at 80-90 RPM and I want to be ready.

I ended up completing a 55 min workout, 17.9 miles, 689 calories and 73 average cadence.  I only have a cadence around 45-50 when I am standing, so my average sitting was right in the zone.  That’s especially good since you don’t stand when you are riding a SCREAMER.

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The end of an AWESOME food week.  I’m excited to weigh in tomorrow.

1/2c oatmeal made w/3/4c milk, 1 pear, 1/4c granola, 1T sunflower butter=11
1/4c milk
Morning Snack
tuna pouch w/1pk fat free mayo and 1T relish=3
3oz chicken=3
2T sweet and sour sauce=2
1c potatoes=2
1 bunch mustard greens
(all chopped and sauteed together)
Afternoon Snack
yogurt parfait=3
home made crackers=9
(not really worth it, but the points are accurate)
2 slices toast=3
2 eggs=4
1 laughing cow wedge=1
2T salt and vinegar roasted chick peas=2
Late Snack
No points left, but hungry:guess I'll use some weekly points after all.
1c pasta=5 (not whole wheat)
1oz sausage=3
2T cheese=1
1/2c sauce=1
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