I already knew that I had an awesome week before I went to Weight Watchers today.  I try hard not to let the scale tell me if my week was good.  But, I am still ecstatic to see progress at the scale, especially when it is such a huge back on track number like 9.2 pounds.  I’m now pretty close to my lowest weight since I had my daughter.  Let the ups and downs of the last few weeks end and the downward trend continue!

Besides the obvious numbers, I just felt good great this week.  It’s amazing what a few days away from jelly beans, peanut butter eggs and other junk can do for my mood and demeanor in general.

This week was all about the following quote:

“If you kind of do it, it kind of works.  If you really do it, it really works.”

My sister said this to me at dinner on Saturday.  I thought about it many times this week as I measured , weighed and wrote down every bite.  Thanks!

Here’s a quick story about my recent Whole Foods trips.

Last Thursday, I was there with the kids, we were all hungry.  It was lunch time.  I tried to get some lunch meat from the deli counter, but the kids were screaming and the service was not going to be quick enough.  We I grabbed a bag of New York Style Cheddar Potato chips and the kids and I munched on them while we shopped.  The points value of the chips did not even cross my mind.  At the end of the trip, we shared a piece of pizza (that wasn’t very good) from the pizza counter along with a can of soda and a mini torte.  Remember, we were at WHOLE FOODS with access to so much great food.

Today, we went to Whole Foods.  We were hungry.  I grabbed a container of cubed cheese, some bananas and a piece of Challah bread.  The kids nibbled on cheese and bread.  I had 3 cubes of cheese and I knew they were about 1 point each.  (I even weighed a couple  at home to confirm.)  After we checked out, we all shared a banana.  SCORE!

Both trips were still better than eating McDonald’s in the car, but today feels good.  The kids were happy and fed upon arrival back home and my snacked tied me over until my dinner with lots of veggies once they were in bed.

No exercise to speak of today, but the dishes are done and the laundry is caught up and that’s a productive day.

Next up: trainer workout with Emily in the morning.

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1/2c oatmeal w/3/4c milk, cinnamon, pear, banana, 1T sunflower butter=9
drank the other 1/4c milk
Morning Snack
few peanuts=3
1 red pepper
1c fresh mushrooms
1t olive oil=1
2 eggs=4
2 slices of toast=3
Afternoon Snack
Z bar=4
While at Whole Foods:
1/2 grape
3 cubes cheese=3
1/2 banana
Local green w/ 2/3oz blue cheese=2
1c cauliflower
1.5oz sausage crumbles=5
(rounded up)
1 piece of whole wheat naan bread=6
Late Snack
1c milk=2
2 dates w/1t peanut butter (total)=1
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