Today was a planned off day.  The kids and I went to the Weight Watchers meeting.  As normal, we parked far away and walked down along the plaza to the meeting location.  It was much colder than we realized.  I weighed in 1.4 pounds down from last week.  It’s not really a true loss since I was up 6.4 pounds last week (at night with jeans and after dinner LOL).  I’ve been playing with the same 8 pounds forever.

We weren’t running late, but the meeting was already filling up and there was no room at the inn.  The new seating arrangement since the move, full meeting, and crabby mom with kids just wasn’t going to work today.  We can’t just take any 3-4 seats anywhere in the room without being disruptive.   So, we left and went to the Dollar Store to buy the kids a balloon and headed home.  I spent the bulk of the day just trying to relax and get the kitchen clean.  Mission accomplished for the most part.

We had planned a rare Thursday appearance at the Cleveland Museum of Natural History.  Tonight was a member’s only behind the scenes tour.  Basically, it was an open house that included many of the areas that are normally closed to the public.  When we meet up at the museum, we end up with two cars.  The Chevy ended up parked far away (about 1200 people were expected at the event) and I volunteered to drive it home.

So, most of my activity today came in the form of a chilly buy nice stroll from the CMNH to the Lagoon near the Case library.  It was only 4 tenths of a mile.  I mostly enjoyed the quiet (no kids) drive home.

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  1. …and I enjoyed a quiet ride home with the kids. Zzzzzz…. :-)

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