Originally, I was going to take the Spinning class at 9:30am this morning.  Usually, that means dropping off the kids around 9am so I have time for a shower after class since there is a 2 hour limit at Kid Kare.

Today, I dropped the kids off around 8:40am and decided to try one of the new eSpinner bikes.  There is a great video about the features and how it works here.

Basically, it’s similar to the cardio coach on the new treadmills.  You customize your workout and an instructor guides you through the workout.  It’s a lot like being in a spin class.  The advantage is that you can easily tell if you are in the right RPM (revolutions per minute) zone.  This was great for me.

I don’t think the settings I picked were difficult enough, but it was a great first time ride.

37 min, 11 miles, 425 cal, average cadence of 70

I also took note of my settings:  seat at G, handlebar at 11 and 4.25 was the number for how far back the seat was from the handlebars.  Knowing these next time will save me 5-10 minutes of set up.

One problem with these bikes is that currently, the JCC doesn’t allow you to sign up for them.  It’s first come first served and they are popular.  Today, there were two older gentlemen using them.  One was really using it and the other was talking more than spinning. :-(  It’s tough since I use special shorts and shoes to spin and if the bikes aren’t available, it could be a problem.

Since I had to wait for a bike, I warmed up on the elliptical for 20 min (with eyes in the back of my head watching the spinner bikes).

Next up:  bonus workout tomorrow.  Since hubby is out of town, we are going to the JCC on our normal day off.  It just makes everyone happier.  :-)

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