Today, I warmed up with some ab work (2 sets of 40 reps at 105 pounds) and some back extensions (2 sets of 10, holding a 6 pound ball and doing side twists at the top of each rep).

Then, SPIN class with Beth.  Beth had a different mix today and it was great as usual.  I did have one problem.  I had to use the bathroom about 1/2 way through the class.  I decided to hold off until it was over, but it was quite the distraction.  I spent most of the class debating whether I should run down stairs to the bathroom or wait until class was over.  I wasn’t sure that I’d want to come back in the middle, so I just stuck it out.  I did bolt out once we finished.

Next week, Beth will be on spring break in Costa Rica.  She told us that she’d be thinking of us.

Next up: trainer session with Chelsea in the AM.

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