I began my workout with some back extensions, ab work and bicep curls in the fitness center.  Then, I went off  to the cycle room for spinning.

Today’s SPIN class was hard.  We had a substitute for Beth, since she’s on spring break in Costa Rica.  Caroline was the instructor.  She was awesome, in a Beth sort of way.  She had lots of standing and running and sprinting.  I did a little more sitting than prescribed, but pushed myself throughout the entire class.  It was a great workout and I was tired when I left the class.  I’m not sure if Caroline usually teaches any other classes at the J.  I’ve never noticed her on the spinning schedule.  I’d love to take a class from her again sometime.  Oh, and Caroline is 36 weeks pregnant.  SWEET!

Next up: trainer workout with Chelsea in the morning and another C25K workout.  I’m still debating the 5K in May.  I was a little sore today and will probably decide for sure in a week or so.

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