Today, my husband took care of the kids so that I could go on a field trip to the Metro Health Medical Center.  The focus of the trip was Metro Life Flight and their program.

I’ll write more about the trip when time allows.

I also had the opportunity to go to a Weight Watcher meeting without the kids.  Between the snow, the traffic, and a highway accident, the 24 min drive to Solon took over and hour.  Yes, I’m willing to drive that far for a “Dawn” meeting with out kids.  It was a great meeting and I got to pay attention to Dawn and all of the participants.  Usually, I 1/2 listen to the meeting and 1/2 take care of the kids.

I also met a new person who has lost 100 pounds and shared some of her story.  She’s training to be a Weight Watcher receptionist, works out at the JCC and had lots of great wisdom to share.  I maintained this week and was totally fine with that especially since I weighed in at night and in jeans.  (I know I should wear the same thing each week, but sometimes it just isn’t practical.)

After the meeting, I stopped at Giant Eagle to pick up some more free tuna fish since it was the last day of the sale.  When I went back out to my car, it was dead.  So, a AAA visit and a new battery rounded out my day.

So, a mid-week break from the kids, a great Weight Watcher meeting and a new battery.  I’m all recharged and ready for the rest of the week.

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