1/2c oatmeal w/ 3/4c fresh yogurt, 1c blueberries, 1T peanut butter, 1pk Equal=10
Morning Snack
hard boiled egg w/mustard=2
3oz chicken (white herb marinade)=3
1t olive oil (in marinade)=1
1/3c wheatberries=3
1c broccoli
1/2c mushrooms
Afternoon Snack
applesauce w/1T peanut butter=3
taste of strawberry smoothie with fresh yogurt=1
while making dinner 1t peanut butter=1
sauce w/2T Parmesan cheese, mushrooms, red pepper, cauliflower, 1t olive oil=4
salad - lettuce w/ 1T wheat berries, 2T blue cheese, 1T vinaigrette, mushrooms, red pepper=4
Late Snack
1c milk=2
4t peanut butter=4
3 dates
1 banana
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About a year ago, I studied for my ham (amateur) radio license test.  Most people get their license so they can operate radios, but I wanted a license so I could get a specialty license plate.  So, I memorized a 400 question test bank (with the help of a computer program that my husband wrote), took the test and passed.  Unfortunately, life, paperwork and bureaucracy  got in the way of me ordering my plates.  So, after almost a year, they finally arrived.

My husband, son and daughter put them on the car today.  Funny thing is, with the kids and their car seats, my husband usually drives that car and I drive KG8IH on “his” car.

No workout today, cardio in the AM.

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My husband traveled for work all week.  He was due home around 1am this morning.  The kids and I were ready for him to come back.  Around 11pm last night, I found out that the flight (which was delayed several times for “maintenance”) was canceled and he would be spending the night at a hotel, courtesy of Delta, without his luggage.  So, after staying up late waiting, I found myself exhausted with no energy to workout.

But, I had a trainer appointment scheduled and I have to pay for missed sessions.  So, the kids and I rushed around this morning and off we went to the J.

My trainer Emily asked me how I was today.  I told her I was grumpy.  She said, “Let’s work the grumps all out”.  We began with an exercise or two following by a plank (on the BOSU)…. ONE FULL MINUTE.  SCORE!  I told her that I was singing nursery rhymes (Twinkle, Twinkle and Pat a Cake to be exact) in my head to keep my mind off of it.  My goal is still two minutes on the ground, but we are making progress.

The workout:

  • 8 min warm up on the elliptical
  • lat pull down: 2 sets of 7 one arm, 7 other arm, 7 both arms at 80lbs
  • row: same as above at 50lbs
  • PLANK: one minute on the BOSU
  • back extension: 2 sets of 20 reps holding a 10lb plate
  • triceps v-bar: 2 sets of 20 reps at 60lbs
  • rear delt: 7 reps each at 60, 45, 30 lbs
  • foot on BOSU lunges: 2 sets of 15 on each side, 1 set of 10 on each side
  • abs machine: 2 sets of 30 at 110lbs

After my workout with Emily, I ran into my friend Shayna.  She was finishing up on the step mill.  She always ROCKS the step mill.  I chatted with her for a few minutes.

As I left the gym, I felt rejuvenated from the great workout and friendly chat.

My husband made it home around 4pm (only 16 hours later than the original plan) and was just in time to help with the kids during their crabby time and the extra pair of hands was nice.

Next up: cardio TBD Sat or Sun

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Mar 252011
1/2c oatmeal made w/3/4c milk, 1 apple, 1T peanut butter, cinnamon=9
drank the other 1/4c milk
2 eggs=4
blue cheese=2
1c mushrooms
1 cheese cube=1
Afternoon Snack
tuna pouch w/1pk fat free may, 1T relish=3
(left over from workout, wasn't as hungry for AM snack)
3 dates w/2t peanut butter=2
2 cubes cheese=2
2 pieces of pizza=14
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I already knew that I had an awesome week before I went to Weight Watchers today.  I try hard not to let the scale tell me if my week was good.  But, I am still ecstatic to see progress at the scale, especially when it is such a huge back on track number like 9.2 pounds.  I’m now pretty close to my lowest weight since I had my daughter.  Let the ups and downs of the last few weeks end and the downward trend continue!

Besides the obvious numbers, I just felt good great this week.  It’s amazing what a few days away from jelly beans, peanut butter eggs and other junk can do for my mood and demeanor in general.

This week was all about the following quote:

“If you kind of do it, it kind of works.  If you really do it, it really works.”

My sister said this to me at dinner on Saturday.  I thought about it many times this week as I measured , weighed and wrote down every bite.  Thanks!

Here’s a quick story about my recent Whole Foods trips.

Last Thursday, I was there with the kids, we were all hungry.  It was lunch time.  I tried to get some lunch meat from the deli counter, but the kids were screaming and the service was not going to be quick enough.  We I grabbed a bag of New York Style Cheddar Potato chips and the kids and I munched on them while we shopped.  The points value of the chips did not even cross my mind.  At the end of the trip, we shared a piece of pizza (that wasn’t very good) from the pizza counter along with a can of soda and a mini torte.  Remember, we were at WHOLE FOODS with access to so much great food.

Today, we went to Whole Foods.  We were hungry.  I grabbed a container of cubed cheese, some bananas and a piece of Challah bread.  The kids nibbled on cheese and bread.  I had 3 cubes of cheese and I knew they were about 1 point each.  (I even weighed a couple  at home to confirm.)  After we checked out, we all shared a banana.  SCORE!

Both trips were still better than eating McDonald’s in the car, but today feels good.  The kids were happy and fed upon arrival back home and my snacked tied me over until my dinner with lots of veggies once they were in bed.

No exercise to speak of today, but the dishes are done and the laundry is caught up and that’s a productive day.

Next up: trainer workout with Emily in the morning.

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1/2c oatmeal w/3/4c milk, cinnamon, pear, banana, 1T sunflower butter=9
drank the other 1/4c milk
Morning Snack
few peanuts=3
1 red pepper
1c fresh mushrooms
1t olive oil=1
2 eggs=4
2 slices of toast=3
Afternoon Snack
Z bar=4
While at Whole Foods:
1/2 grape
3 cubes cheese=3
1/2 banana
Local green w/ 2/3oz blue cheese=2
1c cauliflower
1.5oz sausage crumbles=5
(rounded up)
1 piece of whole wheat naan bread=6
Late Snack
1c milk=2
2 dates w/1t peanut butter (total)=1
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Today, I tried the eSpinner for the second time.  I really like it!  You can read about my first experience here.  I used my own music from my Ipod instead of listening to the coach.  It was really easy to stay motivated to my own play list.  I’ve been really paying attention to my cadence since I’m going to train for a century (hopefully on our Rans Screamer) with my husband for this September.  He likes to spin at 80-90 RPM and I want to be ready.

I ended up completing a 55 min workout, 17.9 miles, 689 calories and 73 average cadence.  I only have a cadence around 45-50 when I am standing, so my average sitting was right in the zone.  That’s especially good since you don’t stand when you are riding a SCREAMER.

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The end of an AWESOME food week.  I’m excited to weigh in tomorrow.

1/2c oatmeal made w/3/4c milk, 1 pear, 1/4c granola, 1T sunflower butter=11
1/4c milk
Morning Snack
tuna pouch w/1pk fat free mayo and 1T relish=3
3oz chicken=3
2T sweet and sour sauce=2
1c potatoes=2
1 bunch mustard greens
(all chopped and sauteed together)
Afternoon Snack
yogurt parfait=3
home made crackers=9
(not really worth it, but the points are accurate)
2 slices toast=3
2 eggs=4
1 laughing cow wedge=1
2T salt and vinegar roasted chick peas=2
Late Snack
No points left, but hungry:guess I'll use some weekly points after all.
1c pasta=5 (not whole wheat)
1oz sausage=3
2T cheese=1
1/2c sauce=1
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1/2c oatmeal w/3/4c milk, apple, cinnamon, 1T peanut butter=9
drank the other 1/4c milk
Morning Snack
Z bar=3
slice of cheese=3
1t peanut butter=1
2oz orzo=4
sauteed w/2oz sausage crumbles, 1c fresh mushrooms, 4T Parmesan cheese, 1/2c sauce, 2c mixed greens=9
Afternoon Snack
2 dates w/2t peanut butter=2
4oz chicken=4
4T bbq sauce (didn't use it all it was HOT)=2
2c cauliflower
Late Snack
2 pieces of toast=3
2t peanut butter=2
1/4c pumpkin spice granola=2
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About and hour ago, I received an email from Roni saying that I had won a ticket to Fit Bloggin‘.  I’m excited for the opportunity to attend.  She also announced the winners here.  The drawing was supposed to take place a few days ago, but Roni’s son decided to come early and she gave birth to a beautiful baby boy on Thursday.

I’m new to blogging and have some plans for my blog.  I’m hoping to get more ideas at the conference.  I’m also looking forward to meeting other bloggers.  I feel like I know so many of them already, so live and in person will be fun!

I’ve been eating well for several days now.  Junk food is even a bit unappealing.  I’m hoping that the upcoming conference will help keep me motivated.

Today’s workout:

12 min warm up following by a training session with Chelsea

  • lunge and press (overhead shoulder) w/10lb dumbbells – down the room and back
  • woodchops w/10lb core ball – 2 sets of 20ish in between hack squats
  • hack squat – 3 sets of 12 reps w/70lbs
  • push ups on the smith bar (at a lower angle) – 1 set of 10, 1 set of 8 (that almost killed me)
  • abdominal machine – 3 sets of 30 at 105lbs
  • bicep curl machine – 2 sets of 12 at 30lbs
  • row – 3 sets of 12 at 60lbs
  • regular squats with arms out – 2 sets of 15 (in between row)
  • dips off bench (for triceps) – kind of 3 sloppy ones.  I’ll be practicing these for sure.
  • plank-30 sec at the end of the workout
  • ended w/versa-cuffs on my ankles as I squatted down and side stepped across the room and back.  I’m sure there’s a more technical way to describe it.  :-)

I’m a bit stiff tonight.  I’m exhausted from being up with the kids 4 times total last night.  Hubby is out of town, so I am on my own.

Next up: cardio surprise in the morning.

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